Activated Sludge Process Control

Please join us for our Two-Day Activated Sludge Process Control. Indigo Water Group and WasteWater Technology Trainers have teamed up to create a two day activated sludge process control training class. Like our popular Wastewater Cram, this course is loaded with great information.  Attend all three days, just the first two, or just a day on nutrient removal.

May 31 - June 1, 2017

Add Eric's Anaerobic Digestion Workshop

One Full Day of Anaerobic Digestion - $200

Two Full Days of Activated Sludge - $425

Make it Three Days with Nutrient Removal - $600

Meet the Instructor

Eric WahlbergAs WasteWater Technology Trainers' primary instructor, Eric Wahlberg is a rare breed: operator, engineer, and Ph.D. rolled up into one high-energy, dynamic presenter. His Math for Operators has been a highly attended offering at the Tri-State Conference for more than six years. The Water Environment Federation awarded Eric its 1995 Eddy Medal, given for outstanding research, its 1997 Gascoigne Medal, given for making a significant contribution to operations, and its 2007 Morgan Medal, given for making significant contributions to solving operations problems. Public Works identified Eric as a 2008 Trendsetter for the activated sludge process control and performance tests he has developed over the years. He has written and presented extensively and is a nationally renowned expert in primary and secondary clarifiers and activated sludge process control. 

Course Agenda

The objective of this class is to give activated sludge front-line supervisors and operators, and process control operators and engineers, a more in-depth understanding of the activated sludge process. With this understanding, effluent quality variability and process energy usage can be reduced. Topics to be presented include: the importance of sludge quality, measuring and controlling sludge quality, WAS flow control, BOD conversion vs. removal, RAS flow optimization, secondary clarifier performance diagnostic testing, and a state point analysis. 

Download a detailed course outline here.

Training Units for 2017

The Activated Sludge Process Control Course is APPROVED  for Training Units in Colorado.  Training Unit approval number 16-OS-0074.  Please refer to the following table to determine how many TUs can be obtained from successfully completing this course.

Topics Length, min W WW I C D
Activated Sludge - Day 1 435 0.00 0.73 0.73 0.00 0.00
Activated Sludge - Day 2 435   0.72 0.72    
Total     1.45 1.45    
** Each training day begins at 8:00 am and runs through 5:00 pm.  There are two 15 minute breaks and 45 minutes for lunch.

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