What People Are Saying

"I am a student in water wastewater technology.  I have bought CD's and searched the Internet for help solving water math problems.  Your site was over-the- top excellent!  Most sites do not use conversion units which makes the math difficult to understand.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work."

"Thank you so much.  The webinar series was a tremendously valuable educational experience for me. I started the course with very little knowledge of water and wastewater systems. The webinars provided the flexibility that I needed to work within my other job responsibilities and still complete the courses. Please keep me informed of other courses offered in the future by Indigo Water Group."

"Wanted to thank you for your exam cram class.  I was able to pass the B this September.  I really think your class helped push me over the hump."

"Thanks again for the Exam Cram session this summer.  The course really helped me out on the B test, which I PASSED!!!!  Whooo hoooo!!!!  I will be sure to sign up for more classes with you next summer before my A test.

      - Loren Mendenhall, Frisco Sanitation District 

"I'm proud to let you know the pass list is FINALLY up for the Alamosa exam I took on August 5th and my name is on it!  Yeah!  I PASSED!  Thank you for all your help."

      - Timothy Wichlacz, City of Durango 

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you.  I took your exam cram class in early April in preparation for the B Wastewater.  Well, I passed and it was my first time taking the B.  Maybe it’s not a big deal, but you hear all of the nightmare stories about the B.  Anyway, your class was great and it , without a doubt, helped me pass the “nightmare”.  I just wanted to take time to say thanks!  I will definitely recommend this class to anyone who asks for great training and look forward to seeing you when I go to take the A.  Thanks Again!"

      - Ronnie Benson, Crested Butte South Metro

"One day's hands-on time spent at our utility with Dr. Innerebner is better than all the short schools any of us have attended. My entire staff can participate in a tailor made course for the same cost of sending one employee away to school. The BNR discussions she initiated, specific to our process system, have helped us reduce nitrates below stream standards in a process not designed for that purpose. The best part of having Sidney on site is being able to access her substantial intellect about anything that's going on with our system, not particularly related to what she came here to teach us. Plus, she makes herself available for questions after she's gone. Dr. Sid has a special place in our hearts.”
     - Butch Green, Manager FSD
“The time that you’ve spent with our staff has led directly to passed certification exams! Thanks!” 
      - Zach Margolis, Utility Director, Town of Silverthorne

“Sidney or Dr. Sid as I like to call her has been very instrumental here at the City of Boulder's 75th St. Wastewater Treatment Facility. She conducted a Nitrification Optimization Study in 2004 which helped us achieve the ammonia  removal needed to meet our NPDES requirements until our facility improvements were implemented. Dr. Sid also provided several training sessions at our facility which were very well organized, informative and enjoyable. As needs arise I would definitely call on Dr. Sid again.”
   - Ernie Oram, Operations Supervisor, Boulder 75th St. WWTP

"Thank you for the math workbooks!  I appreciate your teaching style which has helped me to master dimensional analysis that only a short time ago blew my mind. I won't forget the glorious day when the conversion/cancellation light bulb went on in my brain and from that point forward there has been no looking back! Thank You!!!!!!!!!"
      - Brian Anabali, Centennial Water and Sanitation District

I would just like to take a few moments of your time to thank you for putting those "big books of water and wastewater" on line.  I am currently studying for my level 2 and hopefully then my level 1 later this year.  I had been looking for something like these books - something that explains math in plain English.  I've passed them out to anyone who was interested here at the wastewater treatment plant and everyone was quite impressed.  So once again, a big THANK YOU!!!!
      - Joseph Pereira, Supervisor West Virginia Water Authority

"Well as of 3-31-07 I got my "A" in waste water and I must say you did have at least a small part in getting me there. I feel great and have begun some preliminary studies in water treatment.” 
      - Rick Stevens, Coors Wastewater

“Mind-boggling.  Sidney has more energy and enthusiasm for her work than all the microbes in the plant combined.  If only more people in her field had such skills, problem solving focus, and friendly service that strives for YOU to understand the solution.”
      - Christopher K. Gulden P.E., White Bear Company, LLC

"Thanks for teaching the math class.  Your method is very understandable.  I always struggle with math.  You keep the interest up and make it fun.  Thanks."
    - Terry Meirs, ECO Resources

"Thanks again for everything.  I feel a lot more confident in the lab tests I'm running thanks to you..... Look forward to your next visit."
    - Rene Eismueller, Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District