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Submit Your Own PEST Questions

Look under the PEST tab for a good description of the personal exam self-tester.  This little quiz program is hugely popular with water and wastewater operators.  There are several hundred copies running around in Colorado and even more outside of Colorado.

Now you can write some questions for the database to help it grow.  Nothing is out of bounds except referring to a particular product by name in the question.  Questions can be multiple choice, true/false, or drag and drop.  Drag and drop questions are nice for questions like, put the following steps of assembling X in order.  Drag and drop can also be used to match one list to another.

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Formatting for New PEST Questions

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?There can be up to six answers for each question.  Try for at least three.  Here is where you can explain the answer a little better and/or insert your company name and phone number.  This line must start with a question mark.

For drag and drop type questions, just tell me that it is drag and drop and put the answers in the correct order.  I'll take care of everything else.