A full day of on-site training for up to twenty attendees can cost as little as $1,200 which can be significantly less expensive than off-site training. Did you know?  We've updated our on-site course pricing so if you book a course between May 15th and September 15th, we'll discount the day by $200.

We also offer open enrollment training courses around Colorado.  For a list of our upcoming training events, click on "Seminar Registration" at the top of the page or on the button below.Seminars


On-Site Training

Weíre adding new classes all the time, so if you donít see something you want, just ask!

APPROVED TUs for 2016 IN COLORADO and as an Excel Spreadsheet

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Our Training Philosophy

We recommend consistent training over longer periods of time to increase retention.  For example, a program of one three-hour class per week for six weeks leading up to the certification exams greatly increased pass rates for both the City of Boulder and Denver Water.  On-site training in the weeks and months leading up to a week-long school can increase its effectiveness.  It can be difficult for people to attend one of the week-long schools and retain enough information to pass their exams unless they are already familiar with the material.  There is also a danger in having someone pass the exam and not retain what they learned. 

Indigo Water Group can provide personalized training for up to 20 employees at your site.  Our experience has shown that larger classroom groups can be intimidating and may prevent attendees from asking necessary questions.  Smaller groups allow our instructors to provide individualized attention to all attendees which maximizes the value gained per training dollar.  Booking between May 15th and September 15th qualifies for reduced pricing.

Most importantly, we can provide training when it is convenient for you and tailor it for your needs. 

Training Unit Approved

All of our courses are approved by the State of Colorado for training units.  For each hour of training attended, 0.1 training units is awarded.  Training unit certificates are awarded at the end of each course which makes on-site instruction a great way to accumulate time towards license renewal. 

Mix and Match

Mix and Match one or more classes to create a tailored training experience for your staff.  Most of our courses last between one and three hours.  Training classes can be as short as one course or span several days.  Donít see a topic that youíre interested in?  Let us know.  Our course offerings are changing all the time.  We are happy to accommodate special requests where we can.

Pricing and Availability

Training courses are priced on an hourly basis plus expenses.  A full day of on-site training for up to twenty attendees can cost as little as $1,200 which can be significantly less expensive than off-site training.  Additional expenses may include photocopies of training materials, mileage, and hotel where applicable.  Book between May 15th and September 15th to qualify for a $200 discount.

Courses may be scheduled between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm, seven days a week.