Useful Links

Water Environment Federation - - The best source for training materials and an on-line discussion board with operators and engineers posting questions and answers.

Free webinars on a ton of different topics from Water Environment Federation.

Manual of Practice 11 - The best source of study materials for certification exams.  Download individual chapters as you study for your exams.

A wonderful new lab manual written for operators by operators -- Indigo Water Group was the lead author on this new publication from Water Environment Federation.  Basic Laboratory Procedures for the Operator-Analyst  It's a must have for all wastewater labs.

A fabulous way to estimate your staffing needs:

The same organization has a 225 page Collection Systems Book.

Small Water Supply keeps track of training events around the country and has links to treatment videos, free webinars, and lots of other great stuff.

How does your utility stack up against others in Colorado for water and sewer fees?  Check out this cool widget from the UNC Environmental Finance Center.

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association -

Need the PEST software?

EPA has an interactive CD to help distribution system operators learn about regulations and how to collect samples.  Order your copy here.

Need practice questions for collections?  Visit for great free downloads.

Free training on electrical safety:

On-line safety training:

FREE asset management software from EPA at 

Inexpensive collection and storm water system management software can be found here:

Looking for an EPA document?  This website has over 30,000 EPA publications and manuals in print and electronic form.

What would a wastewater career be without accessories?  Try these fun links to wastewater gear on the web.


Indigo Water Group is committed to helping water and wastewater professionals even if it means directing them away from our extensive offerings.  These web sites are great resources for water and wastewater professionals and most have free downloadable resource materials.